“Real Estate – You Get What You Negotiate” by Nick Pallis ©

NickPallis-057It is said that any purchase we make, whether it be to buy a stick of gum or a shiny new car is an emotional decision, and yet when it comes to buying or selling the place we call home, these emotions can run especially high. The challenge arises because often times the most ineffective way to negotiate is from a place of emotion. Yet this is exactly the tendency when negotiating residential real estate, and hence, it can potentially obscure what would otherwise be a sound financial decision.READ MORE


“The Psychology of Pricing To Achieve Top Dollar for Your Home” by Nick Pallis ©

NickPallis-057The conversation begins like this – Listing Broker: “We need to lower the list price of your home.” Seller: “If it’s a matter of price, why don’t buyers just make a lower offer?”

If there is a bane to every Real Estate Brokers existence, it’s explaining why over-pricing a home leads to one of the greatest deterrents to selling a home for top dollar. Because psychologically, the closer a home is priced to the market’s true “perception” of value, the higher the eventual closing price. Let’s examine why.


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“Wholesale vs Retail Return On Investment – A Case Study In Selling Your Home” by Nick Pallis ©

PAL_024 copyIn previous articles, I’ve written extensively about the underlying emotional aspects that affect purchasing decisions, especially when buying a home. And one of the first things I discuss with sellers while preparing their home for the market is to consider the emotional drivers that will influence a prospective buyers decision to purchase as they walk through their home.

Every home has an intrinsic value determined by its location, quality and condition, along with the number bedrooms, baths and square footage. There is also a subjective value, determined by the personal tastes and desires of each prospective buyer, and it is from the examination of these intrinsic and subjective values that we derive a listed asking price. READ MORE


“A job interview followed by a crucial financial decision – Choosing your Real Estate Broker” by Nick Pallis ©

NickPallis-057Given the high dollar stakes involved in buying and selling residential real estate, your choice of representation can add substantially to your bottom line or unknowingly cost you dearly in the long run.

Selecting a competent Real Estate Broker is no different from selecting other professional services e.g. legal, medical, stock brokerage, estate planning or tax services. But given the financial importance of selling or buying a home, hiring the best is not always an easy process. How do you evaluate a Broker to ensure you are making a wise choice?