“What matters most is what our clients have to say”



“Acquiring a home can be challenging and requires real estate brokerage expertise to insure hard earned dollars are put to best use through careful market evaluation and negotiation. For me and my wife, Georgene, Nick Pallis provided just this expertise. Nick’s years of experience in the brokerage industry and instinctive nature took advantage of opportune timing in assisting us with a phenomenal buy. Nick’s tenacious and proactive approach insured that we not only stayed on track, but also helped source multiple lenders and hit a tight closing date – all without a hitch. With a command for real estate intelligence and client advocacy, we highly recommended Nick Pallis.”

— Jim Karambelas, President & CEO, GLY Construction


“So far I have sold two properties with Nick and will definitely use him for the next. Enough said. He keeps abreast of every aspect of the transaction, great negotiator and communicates with his clients extremely well. A+++++”

-Mark Dennis – Home Builder


“Nick, I am stunned. This is something that Phil and I had been trying to achieve for years. Thank you for all your hard work and patience.”

-Carolyn Hunt, Eastlake Sammamish Landowner


“Best real estate agent in the Northwest! Great to have worked with Nick when purchasing my new home. They say patience is a virtue. Turns out I bought the first property we looked at, but that didn’t stop Nick from showing me all of my options within my budget. I was potentially interested in purchasing a single family home. At my request we looked at condos, town homes and single family properties because I had been out of the local market for awhile. After patiently showing me everything that met my needs, I decided on the place he first selected for me. Does he know me better than I know myself? Needless to say, I’m very happy with my purchase and very grateful for the help negotiating a deal that I was very happy about. He stuck with me for the whole process. Thanks Nick!”

-Jed Darland, Bellevue


“When we finally decided to sell our family home we interviewed several brokers to find one who could help us navigate the complexities of today’s real estate market. Nick stood out among them all not only for his charisma and personality but also for his depth of knowledge and his ability to communicate. He researched our proberty and met with city planners to maximize the possibilities of the property and then presented to potential builders/buyers. His plan worked well for us. Nick was with us every step of the way, speaking with us several times a day throughout the negotiating process. We realized a better outcome from the property than we expected thanks to Nick.”

– Bob Schoenleber and Beth Larson, Kirkland Land/Homeowner


“Incredible experience with Nick! He went above and beyond to sell our home within 6 days and get us our dream home in a difficult situation! Would not hesitate to refer Nick to anyone. No one could have done better!”

– Marcy Joy Lo, Bridle Trails


“Nick, thank you so very much for your professionalism… I consider you one of the most competent agents I have ever worked with. Your clients are fortunate to have you as their agent.”

— Betty J. DeLaurenti, John L. Scott Real Estate, Mercer Island


“Stop searching. Forget anyone else. Nick Pallis is the realtor you want. The person you want on your side. I cannot recommend working with Nick enough and would be excited for the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

The long review:

“To write a review about Nick Pallis is to not  only write about a diligent professional of the highest order, but also to write about a truly wonderful person with integrity and intelligence so rare in these times.

We met four years ago after the death of my father left me with his share of an undeveloped piece of property. This property wasn’t just undeveloped, it was completely raw land covered in trees, slope and erosion issues, bound by strict county zoning and regulations. The only reason I inherited it was that it was seemingly valueless and more work than it was worth to sell. It was almost donated just to unload the property tax burden. Selling this piece of land was no easy task. Sorry. It was easy for me and my family, not for Nick.

From the beginning and with every step on the way to a very very successful conclusion, Nick thoughtfully considered my family’s situation and how best to do right by us. Whether it was patiently explaining each step of the process and our options BEFORE it was time to act, allowing us to make informed decisions or being thoughtful enough to initiate contact with us to give us status updates about various pieces of the puzzle coming together. There were even times every so often, when something was taking awhile to get through the city or county woodwork, he would call just to check in with us and say there was still no news but whatever it is we were waiting on was still on track! Amazing!!! We never wondered what was going on. Never felt abandoned during a long and arduous process. Never were on our own. Nick was always there. Tirelessly leading the charge. Selling this black sheep of a property. Before we could even have an idea what we could get out of this property let alone put it on the market, Nick had to plan and execute a strategy of discovery and development that maximized every dollar we spent. He not only organized a team of specialists to perform geotech surveys, soil samples, drainage analysis, clear up three generations of family title work etc but also correctly built all this into foundation of data to support his sales strategy. A strategy even more successful due to his continually up to date knowledge of the real estate, regulatory and political arenas.

Thus, after all of his work and that of the professionals he brought in to move the project forward, we were more than prepared the day a buyer approached us… approached us out of the blue before we had the property on the open market. Nick provided the buyer with our portfolio of data about the property and they were amazed. The completeness of our data was above and beyond their expectations. An all cash offer well above anyone’s hopes and without contingencies came the next day. 30 days later the deal was done. So while this was a dramatic and wildly successful sale, it was almost sad. The process was long and involved, and definitely had it’s ups and downs over the years. Through it all Nick was there and grew into a part of our family. He was with me as I switched careers, went through school again and have launched off on new ventures. He will always be a very positive part of those memories and an inspirational role model how to conduct professional business. If you are still reading, give Nick a call and then be prepared to write your own glowing review.”

-Todd Hunt, Sammamish Land Owner


“Nick did a great job in all aspect of the process. He stayed on top of communication with all the parties involved during the negotiation process and offered great recommendations – He went above and beyond in his market analysis for similar properties, which helped us make a firm decision. Nick is very professional and a wonderful person to work with. Thank you so much, Nick!!! We love our new home!”

-Illya and Luisa Chekrygin, Bellevue


“We worked with Nick for 2 years after meeting him at an open house. He knew that we were not going to buy a home or sell our current home immediately, but he was still very much willing to work with us to hone in on the kind of home and property we were looking for. Nick took my wife and me to many different properties over those two years. This enabled us to become realistic about the market, our geographic parameters, and the kinds of prices associated with what we wanted. It truly helped us better imagine the kind of home and property we were looking for. Nick was also very candid about the quality of the construction of the homes we saw. Through all of this he was communicative, friendly, and proactive. We ended up with a home that was, in many ways, more than we imagined, and we sold our former home quickly and at a good price. We highly recommend Nick.”

– Philip and Kathryn Ballinger, Kirkland


“I have dealt with Nick in the buying or selling of 4 properties. I have always been very impressed with his knowledge, responsiveness, compassion, and ethics. I feel that his hard work ended in the best and fairest outcomes of each transaction with minimal time and complications, even when my expectations were considered challenging. Thanks Nick.”

– Mike and Lee Ann Cook, Redmond


Nick was very professional! His advice was always on target and helped me to make good decisions. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I was especially appreciative of his knowledge of the market and the complexities of the sales process. His dedication to doing an excellent job was evident in everything he undertook! As an out of state seller, Nick handled all things that I couldn’t do long distance. He took care of my property as if it was his own. It was comforting to know Nick was there and would handle anything that needed to be done. He was perfect!

– Jamie Rigney, Roundrock Tx


“Nick, we could not have asked for more… Your guidance and the way in which your marketing and negotiating expertise produced multiple offers in what was a complex transaction is quite impressive. You’re a true professional and I’m thrilled with our outcome!”

B Ashlee, Medina


“Selling a home when you reside out of State is always challenging. It necessitates hiring an Agent who is not only highly ethical and trustworthy, but one who has the patience and resources to guide the process. Nick did a remarkable job managing all the details from staging to landscaping to marketing our property. Furthermore, Nick’s knowledge of rapidly changing market conditions was critical to helping us set the right price for our home and market it to the right buyer segment. We were elated with the outcome and how smoothly the transaction was completed. We owe it all to hiring the right Real Estate Professional. I’ve bought and sold many homes and can say with complete confidence that Nick Pallis is the best I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.”

Chris Delegans, Senior VP, US Bank


“Nick Pallis recently sold our Kirkland home. He did his research and was knowledgeable about our area. He is personable and has wonderful negotiating tactics that allowed us to sell our home for top dollar. We appreciate all his help and expertise. We recommend Nick without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in this area and we will use him again in the future.”

– Steve and Karen Apple, Bellevue


“We had the good fortune to have Nick Pallis as our Realtor when we started our search in the high-rise condo market. Nick is the consummate professional who truly listens to his clients and helps educate them about the current market and their desired living situation. Nick was with us very step of the way through quite lengthy and detailed negotiations. We felt totally confident that Nick negotiated the best possible purchase price and we were so grateful for his expertise. When life circumstances changed and we had to move, we once again turned to Nick. From the start, Nick educated us again in the new market trends to help us price our home where we felt the most comfortable while staying competitive. Selling a home is very emotional and Nick was ALWAYS available as a calm guiding hand to answer questions and keep us constantly updated. Our condo sold at an excellent price within a short time frame and we owe it all to Nick. His hard work, attention to detail, showcasing our home along with his excellent marketing materials and strategies, as well as his professional and intelligent negotiating skills were directly responsible for our successful sale. Above all else, Nick has a sense of professional integrity and respectfulness that is immediately evident within an industry that doesn’t always exhibit those qualities. Nick had our best interests at heart and advised us accordingly. Anyone looking to buy or sell a home couldn’t have a better agent working for them – and they really know it and feel it.”

— Hope Harris and Dr Steven Bock, MD, Bellevue


“As this was our first experience in purchasing a home, we were novices when it came to the processes of home buying. Nick was very patient and knowledgeable as he carefully guided us through each step. He always kept in close contact with us and returned phone calls quickly, which was very much appreciated, especially as the time schedule became progressively urgent. Nick remained very professional through the process but was also incredibly supportive emotionally, as he navigated us through what was a very stressful experience. We feel like his extensive knowledge of real estate, personally caring about our family and the professional way he handled the communication with the other agent and lender was what ultimately brought us success in purchasing our first home. We will definitely be recommending Nick and hopefully will be able to use his services again as we sell our house in the future.”

— David and Elizabeth Bryant, Bellevue


“Nick has guided me and negotiated five real estate transactions within the past nine years, the most recent of which is my waterfront dream home. I cannot imagine having access to a better agent. Thorough, extremely knowledgeable and a straight shooter, Nick always has his client’s best interest at heart. Buying a home is an emotional experience and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, yet Nick has a calming influence. He is a true professional and working with him has been a wonderful and profitable experience.”

— Chris Greg, Mercer Island


“Nick has sold two homes for us and recently helped us find our dream home. We are continually impressed with Nick’s professionalism, level of knowledge and negotiating expertise, as well as his steadfast commitment to our needs. He has an intelligent and caring capacity that gives us a huge advantage, especially in today’s market!”

— Dr Rubin Maidan, Bridle Trails


“Nick, you were tireless in helping me to find a new home for my family. Your knowledge of the market is amazing, and your insights on things to look for and issues to avoid when assessing a potential home were extremely valuable. I also greatly appreciate your flexibility and extended support when guiding our purchase through closing while my wife and children were stuck overseas and I was traveling back and forth to be with them. This is the 3rd time I’ve worked with you as a broker; every time your expertise, professionalism, and individualized attention has impressed me. Thanks so much!”

— Kurt Dillard, Microsoft Corporation


“Our home purchase turned out to be quite challenging and we really began to doubt it would happen. Because of his vast knowledge and expertise, Nick was able to walk us through the process step by step and be a calming influence for us, where “thanks, Nick, you’re the best” became our mantra! We could not have asked for a more professional, caring or genuinely interested agent. He went far beyond the call of duty for us. With Nick as your agent, you know you are in good hands. Thank you, Nick. You are the best!”

— Randy and Angela Robeson, Kirkland



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